Based in the heart of Tuscany, DNJ Design is an Interior Design Studio dedicated in creating atmospheres that evoke drama while relying on the fundamental principles of comfort and sophistication.

This bold and alluring lifestyle brand offers solutions targeted to clients from abroad through the understanding of the international luxury buyer’s needs and desires.

Once a tourist herself, far away from the conventionality of her native country, Danielle knows how stressful and tedious it can be in creating a place to call Home.

It takes time, meticulous planning, and dedication in making everything perfect.
Danielle strives to create an experience for her clients by offering distinguished home décor, custom design services as well as full project management support so that language barriers and logistic obstacles are overcome with ease.

Whether you are planning a permanent relocation, purchasing a family vacation home, or simply want to personalize your long-term rental, partnering with DNJ Design will ensure serenity and gratification throughout your renovation process.

Not just the Essentials, Comfort · Luxury · Elegance

You want to come home each day and know that amid the chaos of this new lifestyle, this space is a perfect reflection of yourself. This is exactly where you are meant to be.

With years of design experience in both the North American and Italian cultures, Danielle’s philosophy is to create familiarity and comfort, and harmonize it with the quintessential richness of your new Italian surroundings.

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